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One of the best animation schools, Jingle Kartoonj is an animation academy in Gulbarga for go-getters and a host of best faculty who are known for their professional animations in the marketplace. These faculties bring their experience and expertise in the academy for students who hence make their illustrious career through us and remain as professionals throughout their animation journey.

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We provide the complete end-to-end visual communication services which get initiated from the very conceptualization, execution, strategizing to broadcasting. The most integral component of all our services is that it is delivered with absolute quality and very much a suitable ingredient for branding.

Who We Are

We are often referred to as the best animation studio with exclusive training centres with diligently incorporated production houses which makes the students understand the complete nuances of 2D and 2D animations.

The Indian Animation Market

The Indian Animation Industry was estimated at $ 354 million in 2006 & was forecast to reach $ 869 million by 2010. Animation in India is currently riding on two key factors - A large base of highly skilled labour & low cast of production. While industry is gaining prominence steadily, several important factors such as the government’s role in supporting the animation industry & producing original content locally.

In 2009, The state of the Animation industry in india, was growing at a CAGR of 30%, is estimated to reach US$ 1.5 billion by 2015. Some of the other estimates of the NASSCOM report on animation indicate the following :- The global entertainment market will generate a demand for animation production services of the order of US$ 37 billion by 2003 In the non - entertainment segment the demand for animation production services will touch US$ 14.7 billion by 2015 The global film / TV Program production market will create a US$ 17.5 billion revenue opportunity for animation production houses The indian gaming industry was estimated at nearly $ 48 million in 2006 & is expected to cross $ 424 million by 2010. Pune is compating with Hyderabad & Mumbai to be the countries animation hub. With the sector facing severe human resources shortage, more & more studio’s are incresingly venturing into animation training. Chetan deshmukh, an animator & special effects export, recently shifted his base to Pune from US. He has worked on hollywood movies like chicago & shanghai knights. The mahratta chamber of commerce, Industries & Agriculture (MCCIA) a premier body of industries in & around pune region has launched a programme to catapult Pune as a global hub for animaiton & Gaming. It has recently formed a group of professionals, training institutes & celebrities to implement the initiative, with film maker Amol Palekar as their brand Ambassador.

The Global Animation Market

The rapid advancement of technology has made computer animation available to the masses and the animation industy is 1 of the fastest growing industries. The demand for animated entertainment has expanded with the increase in broad casting hours by cable & satellite TV along with the growing popularity of the internet. In the past animation series were aimed at children aged nine & below. In recent years however, TV stations have been producing animation series for teenagers, adults & the whole family. Animation series like the Simpsons & King of the Hill have been successfully aired on prime time TV. The major animation markets include the united States, Canada, Japan, MARKET WATCH the size of the global animation industry was about USD 222 billion in 2013. The major animation markets include the united states, Canada Japan, China, France, Britain, Korea & Germany. Most of the segments in the animation industry are growing at the rate of 7% YOY. The out sourced computer animation production market is increasingly being tapped by North American & European film & television program producers. China, France, Britain and Germany. The current animation industry is influenced by large multinational studio’s as well as TV broadcast companies & cable channel companies. They are engaged in activities from Pre-Production to distribution, as well as new sources of revenue such as DVD sales & intellectual property licensing. The multinational studio’s leverage various forms of partnership Co-Production & joint ventures with global partners. Several countries subsidize their national film industries, including animation & therefore, strategies such as Co-Production have been adopted to explore Digital vector Co-Production has emerged as a popular startegy for studios in many countries. Funding flows for Co-Production from Hollywood to other countries & vice versa are very common. As Co-Production has increased, animation studio’s in China and India have become popular Co-Production partners of studios in Europe, Japan & North America. From the point of view of the major studios, Co-Production can provide flexibility while working with small studios & bring new & fresh creativity from other countries.